Dos & Don’ts of Commercial Mixers

Remember these safety tips when operating a commercial foodservice mixer.

• Make sure mixer bowl is firmly in place
• Attach proper paddle or whip securely
• Place ingredients into mixer bowl
• Close Guard Net
• Raise bowl by turning the lever on the right side of the mixer. Do this while pushing and holding black start button
• Always start mixer at lowest speed, working your way up to desired speed. Set speed ,1-4, by moving the lever labeled “clutch”.
• Set timer, numbers on the timer correspond to minutes
• Keep hands and body away from mixer while it is mixing
• When done return speed to one and turn lever to off position when done
• Place product into clean container
• Lower mixer bowl, remove paddle/whip, and mixing bowl for cleaning
• Clean exterior of machine and guard net with damp cloth and sanitizer

• Don’t add any product to mixer, while mixing. Bring mixer to a stop by pushing red stop button before adding anything to avoid spills and bodily injuries
• Don’t leave Guard Net open while mixer is in operation
• Don’t put clothing, utensils or body into moving mixer. Even a slow-moving mixer can severely injure finger or hand

Source: Hobart Planetary Mixer Training and Safety


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