Plan ahead with Curtis for your 2022 Needs

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Since the start of 2020, businesses and customers around the world have been forced to adapt to unanticipated challenges. The first year of the pandemic brought with it business closures and staffing challenges due to exposure to COVID-19, but 2021 presented a whole new set of challenges. As we take on 2022 with a renewed perspective, the Curtis team remains dedicated to fulfilling our customers needs.

Early in 2021, businesses were able to order equipment and have it delivered within 3-11 days. Now, equipment could take 2-7 months to receive. From stainless steel and microchips to compressors and gas components for equipment, many popular parts and materials are becoming scarce and prices are skyrocketing. In addition to the increased prices and extended lead times, numerous ships are once again waiting at ports. Our owner, Jay Gulick, discussed these challenges in a blog last year.

At Curtis Restaurant Supply, we’re getting used to planning further out for the future and working with what we can until what we really need arrives. We know that when planning to remodel or build a new kitchen, or replace a piece of equipment, we’ll need to start the process three times sooner than before.

To minimize risks associated with worldwide supply chain issues, we encourage our clients to get a head start on their planning, organization and supply ordering process. This is good advice for everyone from school kitchens to food trucks. Whether you are working on a project, opening a new facility or updating your current facility, Curtis Restaurant Supply is here to help create a plan that meets your needs.

What has the Curtis team been doing to support our customers?

We’ve adopted an “all hands on deck” approach and increased our inventory of 3,000 or more items from a 3-month supply to 6-12 months supply (depending on the items). Curtis cares and we want to provide you with what you need, when you need it and at a great price. Reach out to a Curtis Consultant today to get started on your 2022 planning.

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