Must-have tableware products for your restaurant

As the holiday season approaches, it is imperative that your commercial kitchen or restaurant is equipped with the tools and tableware needed to offer your customers an incredible on-site dining experience. Our Curtis Consultants are knowledgeable about the trends and products that can help increase your traffic as well as the overall dining experience. From flatware to china and other essential tableware, we’ve curated the perfect set of products to get you started.


Whether you’re using top of the line flatware or economy flatware––clean, polished silverware can positively influence the way customers perceive your establishment. Make sure you stock up on extra flatware as well. Nothing is worse than serving your customers with mangled or misshaped utensils. If your flatware pieces have had a tragic accident with the dishwasher or disposal, it’s time to replace them.

We recommend keeping six dozen extra pieces of flatware in storage just in case you get busier than expected or realize you’re running low. We offer a variety of flatware styles and options for your business’s style and needs, as well as budget. A few of our favorite flatware sets include the Modena, Paris and Baguette. Current trends in flatware include pewter, copper and black colored utensils.

Looking for trendy new options to set you apart from the competition? Let our Curtis Consultants help you get started.


If your establishment uses plastic tumblers, you’ll want to make sure they’re in good condition and stain-free. Drinking cups are one of the first things your customers see when dining out, so you don’t want to serve them with cracked, chipped or stained cups.

Glassware offers a nice touch. We recommend keeping extra on hand, especially as business picks up during the holiday season. Something as simple as adding ice to hot glassware can cause it to crack, so having plenty allows your freshly washed glasses time to cool before being put in service.

Having the right glassware for the beverages you serve is essential–-especially when it comes to barware. Currently, vintage styled and colored glassware are the talk of the town. Connect with a Curtis Consultant to start planning your next order.


As commercial kitchens and restaurants prepare for the holiday season rush, ensuring your establishment has enough dinnerware is crucial. Summertime is often much slower so the amount of china you might need this season could surprise you.

China that has taken a beating in the dish pit may become chipped or cracked. Stock up early this season so you can avoid the extra stress of running low.

Despite supply chain issues, Curtis Restaurant Supply has put a great deal of effort in building up our stock. Be sure to visit the showroom, shop online or call one of our consultants to order.

Restaurants everywhere are currently using non-traditional shaped china, matte finishes and the clay or ceramic looks. When you’re ready to explore new dinnerware styles and sets for your restaurant, we are here for you.

We hope our recommendations have set your establishment up for success this holiday season and beyond. With quality service and the tableware to match, your customers are sure to keep coming back.

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