Maximize the Flow and Productivity of Your Commercial Kitchen

chef working in kitchen

Is your mom-and-pop restaurant running amuck behind the curtain because mom, pop, aunt, uncle and cousin have all been cramped in a tight, disorderly kitchen space? Are you tired of hearing the unmistakable sounds of cups and plates crashing to the ground? Does your kitchen look like the before of a “fixer-upper” house? Has duct tape become the go-to tool back-of-house? 

Now may be the time to rethink the flow and productivity of your commercial kitchen and take the first step toward setting your kitchen staff and servers up for success.

For most commercial kitchens, productivity issues stem from the kitchen’s layout and design.

A poorly constructed and disorderly kitchen, with a full staff, can impact employee safety and productivity. Prevent mishaps such as employees bumping into one another, extended food preparation times, and misplaced items and orders by designing a well-optimized commercial kitchen layout that enables your entire staff to do their best work safely and efficiently.

A smoothly running operation is crucial to ensuring your food service remains high-quality as well as keeping your staff and customers happy. Our Curtis Consultants have experience in helping to identify your needs and designing a layout that optimizes the flow and productivity of your kitchen space.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few equipment solutions:

Continental Refrigeration – Customizable refrigeration. Whether it’s designing for a specific pan configuration or clear tops for aesthetics, Continental Refridgeration will work with you to create a piece that will make the most of your space. This is specifically beneficial to chain restaurants who prefer to find one layout that works and duplicate it for every location.

Duke Manufacturing – These customizable serving lines are great for schools. With Duke Manufacturing’s customizable size and configuration options, you can even match the color scheme or theme of your school.

Advance Tabco – This custom stainless  option is great for kitchens needing to make the most of the space they have available. Advance Tabco can help you create cook lines with drop-in refrigeration, hot wells and storage to help you maximize your kitchen space. This is the perfect option for mom-and-pop stores, chain restaurants, school kitchens and more.

While it may seem trivial, having a kitchen layout that flows enables your staff to communicate and coordinate clearly and logically to support the natural workflow of the food preparation process. If you are ready to rethink the way your commercial kitchen operates, reach out to a Curtis Consultant to begin building your customized plan today.

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