Customize Your Commercial Kitchen With Continental

Commercial Refrigeration during the holidays shown with red turkey icon and kitchen

Just as no two ideas are alike, the saying also rings true that no two kitchens are exactly similar. 

Sure, there’s usually a sink, a refrigerator and various devices for cooking, preparing and crafting various culinary creations. 

But does your commercial kitchen fit your needs? At Curtis Restaurant Supply, we know that what might work for the restaurant next door doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best kitchen setup for everyone. That’s why we’re so excited to carry Continental Refrigerator products

For more than 30 years, our friends at Continental have been manufacturing American-made products engineered for optimal performance by prioritizing food safety and energy efficiency.

With two manufacturing facilities, 10 warehouses, and more than 2,500 models in their standard and designer lines, Continental has a product to fit every need and budget. Whether you’re looking for a space-saving reach-in freezer or a mega sandwich unit, our Curtis Consultants will work with you to identify an industry-leading Continental Refrigerator product specifically for you. 

By customizing your space with a Continental Refrigerator solution, we can optimize the efficiency of your kitchen workspace. Efficiency leads to better customer satisfaction, which leads to a higher rate of customer retention and revenue. 

Whether it’s storage challenges, food safety or kitchen ambience, Continental products are filled with flexible modification options to ensure you have the exact solution you are looking for. 

Every Continental Refrigerator is designed and engineered to the highest industry standards. Each product manufactured endures a series of rigorous tests, from vacuum leak decay checks and helium leak detection to vibration noise level, extensive visual examination and a temperature analysis recording, ensuring the safety and functionality of the unit. Continental Refrigerators offer flexibility and versatility to any kitchen, improving performance and complimenting the functionality of your day-to-day operations.

To learn more about Continental Refrigerators and how we can customize solutions to fit your commercial kitchen needs, contact a Curtis Restaurant consultant today.

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