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Tools for Saving Time & Money in the Commercial Kitchen

Time is money so we’ve gathered a few of our favorite labor-saving tools from the best brands in commercial kitchen equipment. 
serving food with gloves

9 Tips for Safe Catering and Dining in a COVID World

Whether you’re serving a country club wedding or an outdoor food truck event, we’ve gathered some tips and products that will help provide a safe, enjoyable event for your guests.
school cafeteria employees smiling and serving food to students

Planning School Foodservice For An Uncertain Future

The lowest bid doesn’t always mean the best bid for you.

6 Enemies of Frying Oil and How to Defeat Them

Source: Pitco blog Frying oil is a must-have ingredient in every commercial kitchen. After all, some of our favorite foods tend to have that crisp, golden texture. As a result, deep frying has become...

Restaurant Start-up Kit: Part 1

Dear Foodservice Professional, Congratulations on your venture! Curtis Restaurant Supply would like to help you in any way possible. Curtis Restaurant Supply offers: Frequent Shopper Card (for in-store shopping) Monthly sale flyers Credit application...

Product Review: Vollrath Redco InstaCut Dicers

To use fresh vegetables in a wide variety of dishes, your kitchen staff needs to take the time to dice them—which can take time you don’t have, especially during busy meal rushes. To help...

Energy Efficiency Comparison: Holding/Proofing Cabinets

Energy Efficiency; The Proof is in the Pudding Insulation As our world continues to focus on energy consumption, Curtis Restaurant Supply is heeding the call to action by offering more efficient options for our...

5 Reasons Your Restaurant Should Go Green

#1 – Cut Costs: Green restaurants cut energy, water, and waste costs. Eco-friendly restaurants may also take advantage of rebates, incentives, and other money-saving programs. #2 – Publicity: Green restaurants or simply those making...

Leaky Faucets, Leaky Profits

Leaks are not uncommon as faucets age and seals start to deteriorate. Many of us probably think a small amount of water dripping into the sink really doesn’t amount to that much over time....

Portion Control = Bigger Profits

Did you know if your food portion scale is not calibrated correctly, you could be losing money? In fact, heat, humidity, steam, and grease can all affect a scale’s mechanism. This could cause inaccurate...