Product Review: Vollrath Redco InstaCut Dicers

To use fresh vegetables in a wide variety of dishes, your kitchen staff needs to take the time to dice them—which can take time you don’t have, especially during busy meal rushes. To help you save time, effort, and provide consistency in the sizes of the vegetables, I recommend using the Vollrath Redco InstaCut dicer.

All Vollrath Redco InstaCut dicers come with a two-year warranty and are manufactured in the USA. They are NSF rated, which means the product complies with all standard requirements. Many companies require using only NSF rated items and the Health Department likes it.

At Curtis Restaurant Supply, we stock two sizes of the Vollrath Redco InstaCut dicer. The 3.5 and the 5.0, the difference being the size of the surface area. With only a $40.68 price difference, a higher volume kitchen with more prep will appreciate the larger dicer because it has a wider and higher base so staff can prep into a bigger pan without taking the time to transfer product to another container.

In the foodservice industry, if a dish can’t be cooked quickly, it’s off the menu. The Vollrath Redco InstaCut dicer allows staff to prepare ingredients in advance and provides a consistent, uniform product to ensure each dish comes out looking the same.

My favorite feature about these dicers is how easily they come apart for cleaning. There are two screws on the side that hold the blade in place and once removed the blade pops out to be run through the dishwasher. The same goes with the pusher block which has two screws on the top that releases it.

The aluminum base with stainless rods make it lightweight and durable. The wide base design on tabletop models resists breakage and the suctions on the feet keep it in place. They can be easily converted to other sizes for additional uses by simply purchasing a separate blade assembly and pusher block.

The Vollrath Redco InstaCut dicer will save time by making prep time shorter and save money by reducing waste. Please contact me if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to help.


Beth Price

Inside Sales Representative at Curtis Restaurant Supply. Beth knows your business inside and out. She has the knowledge and foodservice experience to help you choose the right products for your growing business.

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