Retail Paradigms: Online Shopping, Part 1

From the owner’s desk

Last year, several large retailers filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. This continues a string of news reports regarding other large retailers either filing bankruptcy or closing stores. The reasons for these companies’ difficulties are likely many and varied, but a common thread that typically accompanies the news report stories is the impact of the internet on consumer shopping behaviors.

The commercial kitchen equipment and supplies segment is not immune to the impact of the internet. As the chefs and restaurant managers shop online personally, they are also increasingly inclined to shop online professionally as well.

Online Shopping Made Easy

In an effort to keep up with the evolving marketplace, Curtis Restaurant Supply has created a website that enables our regular customers to shop online, too. We process more than 500 transactions a month for our customers.

Do you shop online with us?

If not, simply contact us at to have your User ID setup or Click Here to request a login. Your online account will be linked to your commercial account so you can search products, submit Quick Orders, and review your past order history.


Jay Gulick

Jay Gulick

Jay Gulick

President and Owner of Curtis Restaurant Supply. Jay is responsible for 100% customer satisfaction, company operations, and long-term and strategic planning.

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